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September 16, 2014
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Updated: Sep. 16 (16:43)

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What's New at APWU 735
Judy Ward - Memorial

Judy Ward - Memorial

Ward, Judith C., 71, retired U.S. Postal Service, died Sept. 6, 2014. Memorial Service 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 27, at West Side Christian Church.  She was a member of West Side Christian Church for over 50 years.  She loved traveling with her husband and was a contributor to many organizations, including Red Cross and Salvation Army.  She was preceded in death by her parents, Grant Kenneth and Freeda Irene (Day) Ward. Judy married Philip Beals, Jr. on Feb. 14, 2004, at West Side Christian Church.  Surviving are her husband, Philip; Brother, Jon (Novita) Ward, Gainesville, TX; Nieces and Nephew, Andrea Leitch, Grant Ward, Stephanie Hilbun.  It is requested that No Flowers or Plants be sent.  Memorials may be made to West Side Christian Church.  Send condolences to


She believed in many things and her Union was one of them. 

Judy hired into the Post Office in 1966 and has been an Active member until her passing.  She was always talking about how great it was to be a Union member because the Union helped with the better wages.  She was a true Union member.  She will truely be missed.

Darrell Tate, President


Judy always gave wise council and had a great ability to solve problems within the Union/ workroom floor.  She was always ready with answers or would go out of her way to find answers to questions.  She had a long history with the Wichita Area Local and she will be missed.

Janice Manlove, Treasurer

Memo of Understanding REC

Memorandum of Understanding

Between the United States Postal Service

and the American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO

Re:  Staffing of New Customer Care Center Wichita, Kansas

The parties agree to the following procedures for the bargaining unit staffing at the new Customer Care Center (CCC), to be located in Wichita, Kansas, at the former Remote Encoding Center (REC) site. 

1. The Postal Service agrees to establish no fewer than 251 Clerk Craft bargaining unit duty assignmentsat the Wichita CCC. The Wichita CCC will become part of the Wichita bid cluster.  These duty assignments will consist of:

    a. Customer Care Agents, Tier 1 (P7-06), Occupation Code:      2320-0010

    b. Customer Care Agents, Tier 2 (P7-07), Occupational Code: 2320-0011

    c. Customer Care Agents, Lead (P7-)8), Occupational Code: 2320-0012

2. The parties agree that except as provided below, the provisions of the MOU Re: Clerk Craft Jobs, Section 1, Corporate Call Center, will apply to the Wichita CCC.

3. In order to facilitate the closing of the REC site; minimize the impact to bargaining unit employees; and facilitate the initial staffing of the Wichita CCC, ,all Clerk Craft REC duty assignments at teh Wichita REC site will be abolished effective May 31, 2014, pursuant to Article 37, and the employees occupying those duty assignements will become unencumbered regular employees (UER) and remain on the same tour and schedule they are currently working.

4. No fewer than 251 bargaining unit duty assignments at the Wichita CCC, as described in #1 above, will be posted to the Wichita bid cluster with the May 28, 2014 bid cycle.  In accordance with Article 8.2.C, as far as practicable the jobs shall be posted with consecutive days off. 

5. After the initial bid cycle, any remaining UER Clerk Craft employees will be assigned to residual duty assigments in accordance with Article 37.4.

6. Soley fo rthe purpose of filling the initial 251 Wichita CCC duty assignments, and to minimize any negative impact on operations, the provision of Article 37 requiring the training of these senior bidders within a specific time frame is waived.  The Postal Service will begin training the first 100 senior bidders no later than July 14, and the remaining senior bidders no later than September 1. An additional make-up trainng session, if needed, will be scheduled for September 22.

7. Training will be provided on a seniority basis, unless doing so would cause insuffcient coverage for non-scheduled days.  In that situation, the most senior bidders with the required schedules will be trained first.  The parties will meet at the local level to determine who will be trained in the event of insuffiecient coverage for non-scheduled days.  If the local parties are unable to agree, the parties at the national level will discuss via the Alternate Dispute Resolution Process (ADRP).  Senior bidders will report to their new duty assignments and schedules upon completion of their initial 3-week training period. Senior bidders will remain in their current assignment and shedule until they report for training.

8. In order to minimize any negative operational impact to other sections of the Wichita bid cluster during the initia posting and filling of the Wichita CCC duty assignments, the parties agree to allow the use of PSEs on a one-for-one replacement basis to cover teh vacated duty assignments in Function 1 (REC site abolished positions included) and/ or Function 4, until such duty assignments are filled.  Vacated duty assignments will be posted and filled in accordance with the timelines established in Article 37.3. The Postal Service may exceed the District PSE Cap under these circumstances only for the limited number of one-for-one replacements.

9. In order to minimize any service disruption, after the one-for-one PSE replacement process has been completed the parties agree to allow additional PSEs at the Wichita REC during the transition to the Salt Lake City REC, until such time as the Wichita REC site anticipated August 28 closing, but no later than Novemeber 14.

The Parties further agree to discuss at the national level any unforeseen circumstances that may arrive during this transition process involving the Wichita REC and CCC.

This agreement shall be without precedent and connot be cited by either party in any forum for purposes other than enforcing or interpreting the provisions contained herein.

Patrick M. Devine                           Lamont Brooks for Clint Burelson

Manager, Contract Administration    Director, Clerk Division

United States Postal Service            American Postal Workers Union


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Tornado Assistance for Oklahoma

Tornado Assistance for Oklahoma

Cash Donations

*  Postal Employee Relief Fund-  a way to help coworkers devasted by disasters.

             Text PERF to 50555 or go online to

*  Oklahoma City Area Local-  100% of funds donated will be given to APWU Members impacted.

Donations can be mailed to:

OKC Area Local APWU, 1145 SW 74th Building G

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73139

or can be givin to any Steward, and the Wichita Area Local will mail it.

*  United Way of Central Oklahoma-   100% of funds donated with notation of "May Tornado Relief" will be used for people impacted from the tornados.

Donations may be made through the website

http:// or by mail to:

United Way of Central Oklahoma, P.O. Box 837

Oklahoma City, OK  73101 or call (405) 236-8441

Animal Assistance

Animal Resource Center is helping care for and reunite pets with their families.  If you would like to help, please check out their Facebook page at

Extend Tax Cuts

Guffey Asks Members to Send Congress a Message:
Extend Tax Cuts for Americans
Making Less Than $250,000

APWU Web News Article #144-12, Nov. 29, 2012

APWU President Cliff Guffey is calling on union members to send a message to Congress: Extend the tax cuts for Americans making less than $250,000 per year and oppose any efforts to cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits.

The APWU president is echoing a call by President Obama, who urged middle-class Americans to let Congress know how a tax increase of $2,000 per year would hurt them. An average increase of $2,000 will take effect on Jan. 1 if Congress fails to extend the tax cuts.

A majority of Republicans in Congress are refusing to extend tax cuts for 98 percent of America’s families unless tax cuts are also extended for the nation’s wealthiest citizens. Obama and Democrats in Congress say those earning more than $250,000 per year must pay a higher tax rate to help reduce the deficit. Polls indicate that more than 60 percent of Americans support this solution.

Speaking at the White House on Nov. 28, Obama said, “I’m asking Americans all across the country to make your voice heard. Tell members of Congress what a $2,000 tax hike would mean to you.

“Call your members of Congress. Write them an e-mail. Post it on their Facebook walls. You can tweet it using the hash tag #my2k,” Obama said.

Guffey amended the president’s call: “In addition to sending e-mails and posting messages on Facebook, APWU members should send letters to members of Congress,” he said. “We must let our senators and representatives know that we want the tax cuts extended for middle-class families.

“We also must urge Congress to stand firm against cuts to the U.S. Postal Service and to the rights of postal employees,” he said.

Click here for a sample letter to senators [PDF].

Click here for a sample letter to represenatives [PDF].

Union members can send messages electronically, by clicking here.

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Action Center

Support HR630 and S316 Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) have introduced legislation which addresses many of the problems currently facing the U.S. Postal Service. Most importantly, the bills introduced in both the House and the Senate would provide significant financial relief to the Postal Service by ending the unfair, unnecessary and unprecedented requirement that it pre-fund a large share of the costs of retiree health benefits in a 10-year period. If enacted, the "Postal Service Protection Act" would: 1. Fix the Postal Service’s immediate financial crisis by ending the mandate that requires the USPS to pre-fund healthcare benefits for future retirees – a burden no other government agency or private company bears. 2. Allow the Postal Service to recover over-payments the USPS made to federal pension plans; 3. Re-establish overnight delivery standards for first-class mail, which would ensure the timely delivery of mail, help keep mail processing facilities open, and protect jobs; 4. Protect six-day delivery; 5. Allow the USPS to develop new products and services that would generate new sources of revenue, and 6. Protect rural post offices by giving give the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) binding authority to prevent post offices from being closed based on the effect on the community and the effect on the employees. Please immediately contact your U.S. Representative and both Senators to urge them to cosponsor and work for passage of these important bills.
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